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March, 2018   |    BY ARNEL BAGYARATNAM

There is always room for improvement even if you have just started or you have been dancing for years. Challenging yourself and working towards it will take your art form to whole new level. Here are 10 ways which will help you get better faster.

1. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Make it a habit to practice as often as possible. Muscle memory is important as it is acquired by practicing repeatedly. Give it your best every time your train. Make time to practice every day. You will notice the difference after a couple of months when it becomes as easy as eating pie. It will also reduce the chances of you messing up which will make your moves look exceptional.

2. Stretch

Stretching every day will increase your flexibility. It will make your moves look effortless. You will be able to extend your body further, making you look more dynamic. Focusing on stretching will make it easier to learn more moves. This will add to your dance vocabulary and your style will improve

3. Perfect Your Posture

It's not what you do, it's how you do it. Even the most basic step can look incredible if you do it properly. Understand the technique behind the move. Adding detail can help your style stand out. Having a good posture will help increase your confidence.

4. Visualise Yourself Dancing

Think about how you want the move to look. Having a clear image of what you want to do with any move will help you improve your style. You will become aware of your movements and control them better to look more refined.

5. Have a goal

Waiting for motivation? Motivation is fleeting, discipline is permanent. Set a goal that has to be achieved in the coming future. You can set a goal as doing a move 10 times every day till you can do with by spending as little energy as possible. Using lesser energy to do moves will let you dance for longer and make your style look fresh as you won't feel tired.

6. Watch videos

Take videos of yourself. Analyse your movements. Look at your expressions, posture, energy, and rhythm for starters. Think about areas in your dance where you can improve. You can also look up videos of other dancers doing similar moves or styles. Observe how they move, connect with the song using movement, and execution. You can learn a lot by just watching. The next time you decide to practice, you will be prepared as you know what to work on.

7. Dance With People Better Than You

Go out of your way. Don't only dance with yourself and your friends. If there are better dancers around you, go and dance with them. It will push you out of your comfort zone. You will also challenge yourself to reach the same level as them or get better them. Furthermore, you can observe their movement and learn from it.

8. Experiment

One way of getting better at your style is to play around with your moves. Try to change the position of your hand or reverse the way you go into a move. It will make you comfortable with your style, making it look more natural and fluid.

9. Interact with other dancers

Don't be shy to ask for help or talk to other dancers. Have a chat with them and understand their dance. Know about their experiences. Ask them for advice. Practice with them. If you want to improve, you should keep an open mind. It will help you stay connected with the dance form.

10. Relax

You will be able to dance better if you are relaxed. Your mind needs to be free of thought. Take deep breaths and clear your mind. You will look more controlled and comfortable with what you are doing.

You need to let go and live in the moment. You will be able to express yourself better and you will enjoy your movement. Your dance will look better because you will put your heart into it. It takes time to get good style but it is totally worth the wait.



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